Focus on Circular and Climate-Neutral Construction: Insights from the CIRCOMOD and CO2NSTRUCT Workshop

In a bid to tackle the pressing challenges posed by climate change, collaborative efforts among the siter projects are becoming increasingly vital. The annual meeting of CIRCOMOD, held in Lisbon in late February 2024, provided the perfect backdrop for such convergence. Amidst discussions on circular economy initiatives, the spotlight shone brightly on CO2NSTRUCT, a sister project dedicated to exploring climate neutrality in construction. Notably, buildings have been a focal point for the CIRCOMOD team, making the alignment with CO2NSTRUCT particularly pertinent.

The joint session on buildings emerged as a pivotal moment for both projects. It served as a platform for exchanging research insights, methodologies, and exploring avenues for collaboration and synergy. Structured discussions were facilitated through a series of mini-workshop sessions, enabling the teams to delve into various aspects of their work.

One of the key takeaways from the workshop was the identification of opportunities for alignment. By synchronizing scenarios and engaging relevant stakeholders collectively, the teams can amplify their impact while avoiding stakeholder fatigue. Furthermore, the potential for utilizing shared models and data promises to unlock valuable insights for both projects.

Despite their shared goals, the projects also highlighted differences in approaches and methodologies, offering valuable learning opportunities. Variances in addressing rebound effects and assessing social and environmental impacts underscored the richness of perspectives within the collaborative framework. Notably, the higher data resolution available to CO2NSTRUCT complements CIRCOMOD’s research findings, enhancing the depth of understanding.

Looking ahead, both teams are committed to nurturing their collaboration further. Keeping communication channels open and leveraging each other’s strengths will be crucial in elevating their efforts to the next level. As they continue on their respective journeys towards sustainability, the synergy between CIRCOMOD and CO2NSTRUCT serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

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