The post was prepared by Dr. Liina Joller-Vahter from the University of Tartu and Power Algae For tackling the circularity challenge several perspectives are needed, the helicopter view for grasping its whole societal scope, as well as deep dive into the niches. The challenge of increasing circularity in the vehicle tyres is one such niche. […]

By Dr Johan Velez and Professor Stefan Pauliuk, Industrial Ecology group, University of Freiburg   Alongside climate change, eradicating poverty and increasing access to basic needs are some of the biggest challenges in our actual society. However, how can we provide a decent living for all while minimizing material depletion? A recent study by Vélez-Henao and Pa

by Professor Stefan Pauliuk, professor for industrial ecology,  the University of Freiburg, Germany.   Sustainability, with its environmental, social, and economic dimension, needs to be made tangible and operational for different actors. One such vehicle to deliver sustainability is the vision of a circular economy (CE), a way of production and co

In this article Etienne Lorang  and Reyer Gerlagh from Tilburg University explain how macroeconomic models, namely the “Computable General Equilibrium” (CGE) model are been deployed to understand better the circular economy possibilities.  While the economy seems sometimes an abstract entity, it requires substantial material processing. Along with economic gro

This blog article has been written by Detlef van Vuuren, the scientific leader of CIRCOMOD, a professor in Integrated Assessment of Global Environmental Change at the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University and a senior researcher at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.   ______________________________________________________________________________