Navigating Our Milestones: Review of CE policy questions, current knowledge gap and review of circular economy (CE) measures

The CIRCOMOD project’s trajectory is marked by a critical juncture of discovery, yielding vital deliverables that illuminate the path to a circular economy (CE). As the project gains momentum, let’s uncover the essence of our CE policy reviews, knowledge gap analysis, and a comprehensive assessment of circular economy measures (Deliverable 1.1).

At the project’s inception, a central aim emerged – to craft an analytical modeling framework that seamlessly connects various models, fostering a holistic understanding of economic activities, material flows, the energy system, circular economy measures, and the interplay with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This panoramic view is a cornerstone for grasping the interconnectedness.

Under the guidance of Patrícia Fortes from NOVA University Lisbon and Marianne Zotin from Utrecht University, the project team presents an insightful report housing three comprehensive literature reviews, each casting a spotlight on:

·        the most relevant EU policies regarding CE (and some examples beyond EU), identify the strategies, sectors and products involved and the CE metrics necessary to monitor their achievement,

·        the most relevant CE measures to GHG and/or materials reduction in supply- and demand-side sectors, its potentials, relevant characteristics, and possible application barriers,

·        the strengths and weaknesses of the most common modelling approaches used to quantitatively assess the impact of CE strategies and analyse the capabilities of the modelling approaches used within CIRCOMOD to assess CE.

These reviews stand as milestones, guiding the CIRCOMOD journey toward a circular future. They pinpoint existing policy questions, knowledge gaps, and pave the way for CE measures that underpin our path.

For the inquisitive, the full report awaits here

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