CIRCOMOD Kickoff meeting , 7-9 June 2022

The CIRICOMOD project was launched in early June 2022 with support from the Horizon Europe programme. The consortium, consisting of 12 partner organizations, came to Utrecht, the Netherlands, home base of Utrecht University, the project leader, to discuss the next four years of joint work and to align visions for the project.

It was three days of extensive exchange, enriching the plans and ideas submitted in the grant proposal, learning about concepts and models that different families of modellers work with, defining thematic, sectoral, material scopes that would define four years of work under the project.

A series of workshop sessions were held in parallel over three days, allowing colleagues from partner organizations to tap into each other’s knowledge and experience and gain interesting suggestions and shared ideas on specific elements of the work

Many organizations brought new colleagues who have been recruited to support the core team of researchers in carrying out ambitious work on the project. Many of them are young researchers for whom CIRCOMOD offers a great opportunity to start their research career in a team of leading European experts in scientific modeling, in an area of major policy importance today. Thus, the kick-off meeting offered an excellent opportunity to bond within the team of over forty international researchers united under the umbrella of CIRCOMOD.