CIRCOMOD Team’s Prominent Presence at IAMC Annual Event

The Sixteenth IAMC Annual Meeting took place from November 14-16, 2023, in Venice, Italy. Organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC), a key partner of CICOMOD, the event brought together a diverse group of participants from renowned institutions, showcasing the collaborative efforts within the integrated assessment modeling community.

CIRCOMOD played a significant role throughout the event. In addition to CMCC’s hosting responsibilities, Utrecht University, Leiden University, Universidade Nova, and E3M joined the event and actively contributed by presenting their work in both oral and poster formats.

Patricia Fortes from NOVA delivered a compelling presentation titled “Bridging the Gap between Circular Economy and Climate Mitigation Modelling: Towards a Multi-Model Framework.” This collaborative effort within the CIRCOMOD team explored innovative approaches to integrate circular economy principles into climate mitigation models.

Martijn van Engelenburg of CML-Leiden University shared insights in his presentation, “Paving the Way to Circularity in Infrastructure: Spatially Decoupling Material Demand from Service Provision in Road and Rail Infrastructure.” His work addressed the crucial aspect of material demand in achieving circularity within infrastructure projects.

Marianne Zotin, representing Utrecht University, presented the paper, “Beyond Energy: the Future of Oil as a Feedstock for Chemicals Production.” This study delved into the evolving landscape of oil as a feedstock and considered alternative carbon feedstocks such as biomass and carbon capture and utilization.

Luja VON K√ĖCKRITZ, Marianne’s colleague at Utrecht University, presented “Behavioural Realism in Integrated Assessment Models: Insights from the TransportTransform Agent-Based Model,” providing valuable perspectives on behavioral considerations in modeling.

Two posters from CIRCOMOD team were featured at the event. Marianne Zotin’s poster, “Advancing Circular Economy for Climate Change Mitigation,” addressed limitations in integrated assessment models related to material production processes. The work aimed to enhance the socio-economic metabolism database and collect techno-economic data for conventional and low-carbon material production processes.

Lucas Straub, another Utrecht University researcher, showcased his poster, “Adding Materials to the Climate Mitigation Picture,” which extended existing models by integrating novel components related to energy, material, and circular economy dynamics. This enhancement enables policymakers to derive insights into optimal pathways for meeting Paris Agreement targets.

The IAMC Annual Meetings serve as a platform for discussing the latest developments in integrated assessment modeling, reviewing ongoing community activities, and fostering collaboration among researchers. Designed to facilitate the exchange of methods, models, and data, the meeting aligns with IAMC’s mission to lead the integrated assessment modeling community in developing scenarios for climate modeling.

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