Circomod and Scarcyclet join forces to gather data and insights from recycling and secondary steel industry stakeholders

On May 21st, 2024, representatives from Circomod and Scarcyclet gathered for a collaborative meeting aimed at exploring synergies and potential joint ventures between their projects. The agenda was packed, starting with introductions and concise presentations from both Circomod and Scarcyclet, laying the foundation for a robust discussion.

Circomod and Scarcyclet: Complementary Visions

Circomod showcased their innovative data hub, a treasure trove for stakeholders, which can be accessed [here]( Scarcyclet, on the other hand, highlighted their work with recyclers and steel producers, emphasizing their complementary focus areas. Both teams brought unique insights to the table, enriching the dialogue with diverse perspectives from the steel industry.

Key Insights Shared

The discussion delved into valuable insights from both projects, particularly around the automotive and construction sectors:

– Automotive Sector: Prioritizes high-quality steel, whether primary or secondary.

– Construction Sector: More flexible, able to utilize lower-quality secondary steel efficiently.

– Recycling Investment: Significant capital investment required to produce high-quality secondary steel—ranging from €400k to €10 million.

– Regulatory Influence: The adoption of secondary steel is more driven by regulations than by cost, suggesting that higher quality standards could encourage the automotive sector to increase usage.

Moving Forward: Collaboration and Future Events

The meeting underscored the necessity for ongoing dialogue. It was agreed that a follow-up meeting would be scheduled post the conclusion of Circomod’s industry consultation, aiming to integrate new insights and address open questions. This future meeting will explore how economic models can leverage these insights and identify further collaborative opportunities.

Stay tuned as Circomod and Scarcyclet continue to pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient steel industry, leveraging their collective expertise and stakeholder insights.

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