Towards synergies in two projects On 17-19 April 2023, Venice hosted a big team of circular economy and climate modellers from two sister projects CIRCOMOD and CircEUlar. The meeting was a follow up of a series of online meetings and became the first face to face interaction of the project teams working on the same […]

What we should know about the models covered in CIRCOMOD Three months after the start of the project, the team of modellers from CIRCOMOD came together in an online workshop to learn more about each other’s work, models, structure, different strategies for the circular economy, and to explore the complementarities of the models covered under […]

The CIRICOMOD project was launched in early June 2022 with support from the Horizon Europe programme. The consortium, consisting of 12 partner organizations, came to Utrecht, the Netherlands, home base of Utrecht University, the project leader, to discuss the next four years of joint work and to align visions for the project. It was three […]