A Milestone meeting of CIRCOMOD and CircEUlar in Venice

Towards synergies in two projects

On 17-19 April 2023, Venice hosted a big team of circular economy and climate modellers from two sister projects CIRCOMOD and CircEUlar. The meeting was a follow up of a series of online meetings and became the first face to face interaction of the project teams working on the same challenge: to understand role of the circular economy in reaching climate neutrality. 

During the collaborative workshop, the CIRCOMOD and CircEUlar researchers identified diverse areas of collaboration, including mobility and buildings research, data formats and sharing, conducting surveys, and jointly engaging with relevant stakeholder groups. Numerous ways to capitalize on knowledge and experiences for achieving the common goals of promoting a societal transformation towards a net-zero emission circular economy and identifying strategies for climate change mitigation were indentified.

Socializing in between work meetings and at dinners further eased interaction between the researchers, which we believe will help to build stronger ties necessary for future cooperation.

Beside the joint activities CIRCOMOD partners had internal sessions where they discussed the ongoing work, coordination and alignment of approaches and thematic scoped across the work packages, data sharing and data infrastructure, as well as what project can offer to public and private stakeholders and what input is needed from them.

This event was kindly hosted by the project partner CMCC.

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