Circular Economy Modelling for Climate Change Mitigation

Learn why and how CIRCOMOD is relevant
Why is Circular economy important for Climate change mitigation?

A big share of all GHG emissions come from the way we produce and consume products and food. Circular economy aims at reducing primary material inputs and losses in production, recycling, longer use of products via better design, repair, and remanufacturing. All these will reduce waste, energy use, and emissions

Why CIRCOMOD project?

While we realise that Circular economy offers promising reduction of GHG, we have no good understanding of its impact, magnitude, synergetic and rebound effects. The current scientific models and scenarios do not include circular economy options. CIRCOMOD will develop a new generation of models that will address this gap 

How can Circomod help policy making?

CIRCOMOD will equip policymakers with (i) the first-of-a-kind scientifically rigorous modelling of potentials of circular strategies for environmental, climate, and economic action and (ii) enriched datasets necessary for policy intelligence, monitoring of circular economy strategies and interactions with and climate

provides an overview of the Circular Economy Stylized Models developed by the  CIRCOMOD project team 

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