New paper by the CIRCOMOD researchers sheds light on material requirements for Decent Living Standards

In a significant milestone for the research community, the CIRCOMOD project has unveiled an insightful research article titled “Material Requirements of Decent Living Standards” offering a fresh perspective on our understanding of sustainable living.

The brilliant minds behind this research are our esteemed colleagues, Johan Vélez-Henao and Stefan Pauliuk, from the University of Freiburg. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in a peer-reviewed journal article that promises to be a good contribution in the ongoing discourse surrounding material sustainability.

This research paper explores the relationship between material stocks, services consumption, and the pursuit of decent living standards. It seeks to answer questions about how much material is required to provide a good quality of life for all, a topic of strong importance in an era marked by environmental challenges and resource scarcity.

For those eager to dive into the details, the full article is available for download at The research findings promise to be a valuable resource for scholars, policymakers, and anyone interested in sustainable living and responsible resource management.

Furthermore, for a more accessible overview of the paper’s key insights, you can explore the blog articles published in our Blogs section:

Stay tuned for further developments fron CIRCOMOD. 

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