Here you can find a list of all our official deliverables that we have produced and planning to produce: 


WP1 D1.1 Review of CE policy questions and current knowledge gap and CE measures  – lead by NOVA, published in May 2023 [access link]

WP1 D1.2 Develop a stylized model describing core principles & interactionslead by CMCC , published in Sep 2023 [access link]

WP1 D1.3 Analytical framework description: CE for climate mitigation – lead by UUto be published after 31 May 2024

WP2 D2.1 Project-wide data model and the data hub structure. – lead by ALU , published in May 2023, [access link]

WP2 D2.2 Final report on all input data to the project Final report on all input data to the project – lead by ALU to be published after 31 May 2025

WP2 D2.3 Final project database, including results, for public release. – lead by ALU , to be published after 31 May 2026

WP3 D3.1 Demand-side CE options and their potential contributions to resource efficiency. – lead by CML , published in Jul 2023, [access link]

WP3 D3.2 The development of present and historical stocks of products and materials in end-use applications – lead by  CML to be published after 31 May 2024

WP3 D3.3  Behavioural plasticities, drivers, and barriers for circular-economy related behaviours – lead by NTNU to be published after 31 May 2024

WP3 D3.4  Model documentation for modelling linking functions and relevant material stocks and flow – lead by CML , to be published after Nov 2024

WP4 D4.1  Material supply module and documentation – lead by UU published in Jul 2023, [access link]

WP4 D4.2  Product module and documentation Product module and documentation – lead by NTNU to be published after 31 May 2024

WP4 D4.3  Circular Economy Profiles for selected processes in material production, recycling, and manufacturing – lead by PAto be published after 31 Jul 2024

WP4 D4.4  Comprehensive model description of CEclimate linkage – lead by ALU to be published after 31 May 2025

WP5 D5.1 Literature review about the existing practice of economic modelling of CE – lead by NOVA , published in Nov 2023, [access link]

WP5 D5.2  Report describing the methods developed to enrich CGE models with CE mechanisms relevant to climate change, as part of Task T5.2 – lead by TiU to be published after 30 Nov 2024

WP5 D5.3 Report of the descriptions of CE extensions in applied (CGE) models that can be used for climate policy analysis.  E3M to be  published after 31 May 2025

WP6 D6.1 Integrated assessment modelling of CE and mitigation strategies – lead by UU to be  published after 31 Mar 2026

WP6 D6.2 Macro-economic assessment of CE and mitigation strategies – lead by CMCC to be published after 31 May 2026

WP6 D6.3 Impacts and co-benefits of CE, SDGs and Policy insights – lead by UU to be published after 31 May 2026

WP7 D7.1 Engagement and Communication Plan (ECP) – lead by TiU [restricted access] 

WP7 D7.2 Project website ( , social media: 

WP7 D7.3 Project Dissemination, exploitation and sustainability strategy (DESS) – lead by TiU [access restricted]

WP7 D7.4 Proceedings of the science-policy workshops – lead by TiU to be published after 30 Apr 2026

WP8 D8.1 Data Management Plan [access restricted]

WP8 D8.2 Update on the Data Management Plan UU to be  published after 31 May 202